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Strategy, the essential component in
marketing success

What does masterful marketing have in common with a fine work of art, a moving
symphony, or perhaps an elegant dessert? It’s simple: They don’t just happen—
each requires thoughtful reflection and thorough preparation. In other words, they’re
based on a careful plan, or strategy.

We start the process by helping clients identify their strategic priorities. For instance, what “voice” do you want your company or brand to have? What descriptors would you like your customers to associate with your name?

Next we roll up our sleeves and work to create a unique plan that differentiates your business—no cookie-cutter marketing here!

At Image de Mark, we serve a host of companies in a wide range of fields, but we’re always laser-focused on one outcome: producing unique, effective results that exceed expectations. Here are just some of the solutions we can provide for you.

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Branding
  • Plani-MarkTM , our streamlined
    strategic planning tool
  • Strategic positioning
  • Marketing diagnostics
  • Marketing communication plans
  • Strategic consultations
  • Social media strategy
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Perceptual analysis
    (individuals and focus groups)
  • Sales pitches
  • Business name and trademark searches
  • Promotional writing
  • Writing and editing for the Web
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